Monday, October 3, 2011

Yellow Roses Wedding: Cake & Kokeshi Wedding Cake Toppers...

Custom Kokeshi Cake Toppers from HandPaintedLoveBoxes

bouquet by Martha Stewart Weddings...
Yellow Roses mean:
Joy, Happiness & mostly Friendship...

This scene from Kate & Leopold makes me Smile...
Charlie: I got to talk to you about this, okay?
                'Cause there's some *hit here that just cannot be said.
               Leopold: Did you assemble a bouquet for Patrice?
                Charlie: Look, you just can't tell a woman she's...
                "gracefully serene."
                Leopold: (tossing Charlie's bouquet aside..)No, no, this will not do.
                Charlie: Wha... Why?
                What is wrong with this one?
                Leopold: The orange lily implies extreme hatred.
                The begonia and lavender
                danger and suspicion, respectively.
                Every flower has a meaning, Charles.
                Might I suggest the amaryllis, which declares the recipient
                a most splendid beauty.
                Or the cabbage rose.

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