Friday, August 19, 2011

Cranberry Wedding: The Bride...

When it comes to weddings.. I love the creative and non-traditional. This ring is so sweet and it won't set you off on a wrong foot financially. It's from Neta-Jewelry 
I would take the green elements out of this and add white stock, and add pink spray roses in place of the dusty pink flower. ..but I love the ribbon.. Then with the little addition of spray roses in the bouquet, you could set little pots of them around in white whicker in the summer or something gold or sparkly in the winter.

I'm in love with this vintage 1930's dress from Mill Crest Vintage but, this isn't a great photo. You have to pop over to the site and see this amazing fabric close up.. some of the prettiest fabric I've ever seen.
Gabriella Rocha Ginger Shoe on Zappos

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GeNee said...

I love that bouquet it has a feel of your wedding colors. I love those colors. I kind of like the green in the bouquet though. The shoes are so cute.