Thursday, August 11, 2011

Western Wedding: Invitations Etc...

This photograph is titled, "I Come from Nowhere" by HumboldtStreet... Nowhere America is a gorgeous place to be from, a beautiful place to call home. I have always thought that some of the greatest things in our country happen in these wide open spaces where for one thing.. a few hard working people grow food for the rest of us. This photo makes me want to jump in my car and drive across it all once again. This photo is inspiring.
Ivandy27 has some very fun and creative invitations in her shop. This western themed one is perfect for our cowboy wedding :)
But before you send this invite out.. think about informing your guests to expect an invitation.. people are so busy these days that especially if you are considering a small family dinner or something where you really want certain people to attend.. send out a save-the-date like a few months in advance.
I love this one from NoteablyUnique
.. and when the party is over, this thank you from TheGreenGrassGrows is perfect!
Then... Western Wedding has to have great country tunes.. the following are a few of my favorites:
Amazed by LoneStar
It's Your Love by Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
Forever & Ever Amen by Randy Travis
Your Love Amazes Me by John Berry
... And HERE is a list long list of other greats...
(This post took FOREVER.. I wanted to listen to them all!)

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Erin & Amy said...

Thanks for sharing our Save the Date. Love your detailed blog posts for planning a western-themed wedding!