Friday, August 26, 2011

Sapphires & Marigolds Wedding: Favors & Special Gifts...

Darling Zinc Watering Cans from the exact vendor that Raquel used for her beautiful wedding Succulents Galore
I adore these hangers with a message from HomesAndWeddings what a thoughtful shower gift for a bride and something she can keep and use forever.
Marigolds are a wonderful fragrant flower and they are easy to grow. Once they are picked, they will hold up very well through the day even with out water. If you want marigolds at your wedding, it's something you can DIY or you could give seeds as gifts. These seeds are from TheGardenDistrict
Art that has some kind of sentimental rememberance of the day can make a wonderful gift for the Bride & Groom or even the parents... This lovely painting is from VeneziaArt
Or how about a beautiful vintage scarf in the wedding colors. This lovely butterfly is from MagpieStash (the perfect name for a vintage shop... I LOVE it!)

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