Friday, August 19, 2011

Cranberry Wedding: The Decor...

What better to collect for your trousseau than art? This piece from TheArtofAndrewDaniel, a favorite etsy artist, would be lovely to display at a wedding and enjoy in your new home.
This pretty pink fram would be perfect filled with favorite snaps and sitting next to a guest book. It's from MamaLisasCottage
This little trinket box I painted myself. It would be a wonderful little box for the ring bearer to use and then a place to put your ring when it's not on your finger... from HandPaintedLoveBoxes...
If you thought that possibly I would have to skip on the bunting for this semi-Victorian affair.. you were wrong.. there is bunting that works.. :)
made from vintage doilies by hannahchisek
never underestimate the depth of my OCD.. :)

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