Friday, August 5, 2011

Indian Serenade Wedding: The Bride...

I have been lucky enough to paint two Indian brides and there is nothing like their gowns (Image from The one above is called a lehenga (you can find one for a deal and a half HERE...). The fabric and the beading and the embroidery is the most extravagently gorgeous thing I've ever seen. The brides are decorated from their tikkas to their toes (the tikka is this piece of jewelry that lies on the forehead).
India is a subcontinent of Asia.. it is sometimes called south Asia. There are many languages and cultures and traditions in that vast and populated part of the world. And, so I am going to mess this up by cherry picking a few of the foods, traditions and items that are available handmade. I may mix my Bengali wedding Traditions with my Hindi ones.. I hope that doesn't frustrate anyone because I love it all.

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GeNee said...

I need some jewelry. I have been watching the gem chanel for relaxation.