Friday, August 5, 2011

Indian Serenade Wedding: The Favors...

A whole set of these Ikat pillows could be used at the wedding and given as favors, or taken home to decorate your apartment after the wedding. I love these rich colors which would brighten up any drab newlywed abode. From Ginette1223
The pillows go wonderfully with this teapot elephant and friend... I'm just sticking them in here because I love them in case it wasn't obvious, but they could be a wedding decoration too :) from DeadWilderArt
I'm sure teapot elephants are very traditional ;)
Jasmine perfume sounds lovely. These little bottles are available at plumeperfume
Someone special would love this scarf.. can you see the elephant with the umbrella?  :)
handmade by KavitaKriti
Finally, wedding guest might enjoy some Burfi, a traditional Indian treat sort of similar to cheesecake (sounds good right!) wrapped in a bit of wax paper and tied with a red ribbon.. Available from SouthernHandsStudio

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GeNee said...

I love the cake. I have never seen a red wedding cake.