Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Fair Lady Blue Wedding: The Invitations & some lovely gifts...

Beautiful Hydrangea Blue Save-the-Date by YoursTrulyInvitation a shop I love because so many of their items are inspired by flowers and beauty in nature.
This teacup and saucer offered by SparrowStation.
Fill the cup with some candy and wrap the whole thing in some cellophane and give this gift with a lovely letter to your new mother-in-law thanking her for the wonderful son she raised. If you haven't been trying hard to score points already.. it's time to start!
Some artists work in paint, some in sugar and asuhan and Etsy shop from Turkey works in yarn. I can't get over these shawls if you've noticed my appreciation for them before. They are a thing of great art and beauty. This you should give to your mother.. also with a lovely letter. I wish I had done something like that for my mom. She made my wedding day so beautiful and perfect.

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