Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Citrus Wedding: Supplies... RIBBON!

In her answers Melissa said that one of her favorite details about her wedding were all these beautiful ribbons. ME TOO! I look for ribbon everywhere. I collect it. I lOVE Ribbon. People often ask me where to get it. It depends on what you want. If you want a gorgeous piece of something for a really special element then you go to Hyman and Hendler and get something imported from Europe. I have one or two pieces of that kind of thing hanging around that I use sparingly. But most of the time, I use ribbon that I want to be able to use with profusion and that has to be much less expensive. If you have a Tai Pan Trading Co. somewhere near you, they often have quite good deals on ribbon. I watch the craft stores like Hobby Lobby for after holiday sales when you can get yardage at up to 80% off. I order a few things from JKM Trim (takes weeks to get to you) in Jersey and MJ Trim (which also has millinery supplies & buttons!) in NYC. And, if I just need yardage of something Paper Mart is a place I've found to have great deals year round, not to mention PROMPT service. They also have a lot of things, when you are planning an event, it's fun to go through some of the ideas in their inventory just to spark your imagination.

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