Saturday, June 25, 2011

Processional Music for a Winter Wedding...

When planning a wedding, or any party for that matter, don't forget the music! Music is as important as anything you do visually. If you are in Utah, music is easy. We are a state rich in musical talent.
At my wedding, I had a very talented harpist play for the evening and it fit the Victorian ambiance of The Lion House where my reception was held. Thanks Maria! It was so beautiful!
My brother Stephen, loves opera. He hired some amazing BYU Opera students to come and sing his favorite romantic pieces for his bride. The Flower Duet is always my favorite. It was beautiful. So, check local colleges and universities for talented musicians. You can also check with local music instructors.

For a winter wedding, when the sun goes down early, I think the perfect music for a wedding processional is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.. So ROMANTIC... Take a listen... HERE.


Maria said...

Thanks Tiffany! I was trying to remember if I played at your wedding or your sisters. Just so you know I still play at weddings!:) Anytime you need me I would love to help out.

sws said...

I love the moonlight sonata - I make my kids listen to it once in awhile and in a "quiz bowl" at school the bonus question was, "who wrote the Moonlight Sonata?" - E was able to answer it - I couldn't have been more proud. (hee hee) It's my equivalent of kicking a goal.