Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Reception Line...

Do you want to talk to all these people? Me neither. Don't have a reception line unless your mother really, really wants you to which is why I did and missed most of my wedding because I was in this line until 11:30 PM. My sister, Christine (my alter ego b/c she's so much nicer than I am), would have a totally different opinion. She WANTS to meet your grandmother, your husband's best man, your cousin from Tennessee and all your folksies. But, I don't. I want to give you a gift, a squeeze and then find the people I do know and talk to them.

Some brides don't feel comfortable without the line. They know that Aunt Susie from Michigan is going to corner them for an hour going over every minute detail of her bunnion surgery until said bride is going to forbid her new husband to feed her wedding cake.

Being gracious to Aunt Susie is part of growing up, but that doesn't mean you have to let her corner you all evening. At a reception, you need to spend some time with all of your guests. You've got to work the room so, you listen to Aunt Susie about her bunnions for 5 minutes and no longer. You give her your full attention. Don't look over her shoulder to see the persons you desperately want to visit more. Remember.. "your full attention". Then, when you have been a good listener, you cut her off if you have to and you say, "Aunt Susie, you are the sweetest dear for coming all this way to celebrate our wedding with us. We just love you to bits." Kiss her on the cheek and give her a big squeeze and grab the closest person's hand you can find for dear life. Try not to let a single soul leave without a few minutes attention from the bride. Afterall, they've taken their whole evening to be with you!

My mother knew I could never do this. And, if you can't either. Have a reception line!

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Darby said...

I said "No!" to a receiving line, talked to each and every person that attended and enjoyed the party 100%!

Totally the way to go in my opinion but then again I'm chatty and a bit bossy and had no problem searching out people to talk to, cutting off sweet old ladies talking about their ailments giving them a hug and moving on to the next person!