Thursday, June 30, 2011

The SHOWER: and the party favors for Pink & Brown Wedding

For the pink & brown wedding shower... we didn't know about the brown yet. AND, it was Easter. I love Easter and I put together some of the party favors (we are big on favors in my family!)
So, I painted bunnies, bunnies & more bunnies!

Alicia was a teaching American Lit at a local High School at the time and so in the favors we put those mini composition book note pad and bright pencils along with some beautiful quotes from American Literature. I wish I still had one of those papers and I'd tell you what they said.

Lots of candy in cellophane bags. Lots of ribbon.

Then, our mom made her favors, which are always elegant. The little boxes are from Carolyn Roehm who offers lovely gift wrapping on her site HERE...

However, the collection is always changing, but it's always beautiful.

We had bright spring flowers with pussy willows and bird nests...

... and lots of flower in pots. Did I forget to take a photo of the food?? Yes, I did, but I know one thing. It was delicious!

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