Friday, June 24, 2011

Tiffany Blue... DIY Wedding Cakes..

Wedding Cake Cookies by Martha Stewart Weddings...

I have a thing for Tiffany BLue... and I love this little inspiration board by Kinser Event Company that features this little DIY wedding cake. I'm not this good myself and I actually like to bake so this cake maybe a stretch for some people, but I think you could make a small two layer cake with Tiffany Blue swirled butter cream and decorate it with small white flowers and have something really lovely.

The cookies above were suggested as a "make before hand", DIY wedding favor. They are darling, but if you're decorating cookies this complicated, I hope you only have a dozen people in your wedding party :) Do I sound lazy? I am. Still, it's a lotta pretty!

For more examples of very sweet DIY cakes... VISIT this post at A Paper Proposal.


Merrijane said...

I have a recipe for easy marshmallow fondant that anyone could make for a nice wedding cake finish. You can tint it any color you want. I don't happen to like the taste of fondant, though. Buttercream is much nicer!

kennady said...

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