Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Melissa & James: The Citrus Wedding

WLB: Melissa, what were 3 of your favorite design details?

Melissa: One was the lace overlay on my dress. Beautiful! It was the first dress I tried on and it made me feel amazing. Second would be the ribbons. Ribbons everywhere! There were bright ribbons dangling from my bouquet, some dangling from the topiary, and of course the fun maypole we had the kids dance around. Third would be all the bright colors. We wanted a fun summer party, and you can't have that with dark reds or blues. The bridesmaids were in bright pink, the tablecloths were bright green, even the cake was bright yellow. The flowers were all bright colors, and we even had a candy table with jars of green and yellow and pink candies.

WLB: Something every bride should know?

Melissa: Every bride should have someone they can trust to take care of everything, whether it's a planner, a maid of honor, or your mother. For me, it was my mom. She planned out every detail. She asked me for my opinion, and then ran with it. Of course, I was a lot more easy going than some brides, and I trusted my mom to throw an amazing party.

WLB: Of course your mother is an amazing event planner and one of the most fun people anyone knows! WLB: Close calls, disasters or something funny?

Melissa: We really didn't have any disasters. Something funny though: I had a big satin sash on my dress. My mom had to re-tie it three times at the temple so it looked right. When I was getting ready for the reception, Aunt Jackie and Rachel were helping me get ready because my mom was busy decorating the banquet room. Aunt Jackie said "Well if Sherry did it three tries, I guess I'd better do it in two." Also, when we were taking pictures, my niece Anna, a flower girl, had a meltdown and flopped down on the floor. She was just inconsolable. We have pictures of her crying. It was cute.

WLB: If you had it to do over, would you do anything differently? Melissa: I wouldn't change a thing about the day. Everything ran so smoothly and it was so beautiful. I probably would have done my hair differently. Maybe down with big soft curls, rather than up. I absolutely loved my dress, but I wonder if I should have tried on a few more, and gone with a full skirt. When else will I have the chance to wear a full skirt? WLB: One thing that made the day meaningful?

Melissa: Oh gosh I don't know if I can pick just one thing. The whole experience was magnificent. I get to be with my sweetheart forever, and I have all those wonderful memories. My favorite part of the reception was watching the kids dance around the maypole and do their little routine. They were so cute in the polka dots! I danced with my dad and we had a moment together, talking about my mom. My mom is amazing. We talked about how creative and wonderful she is, and how happy she had been all day, throwing parties is her element! My Dad and I both got teary-eyed. She truly is amazing. And it was special to see my Dad get emotional talking about his Sherry-baby.

Life can have it's complications and irritations and that is why it's so important to really celebrate those occasions when people find each other or accomplish something. Sometimes we ought to bake a cake because it's Monday. I love this wedding because of all the love and joy that went into making it the beginning of Melissa & Jame's...

Happily Ever After...

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