Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding in Tuscany: The Bride & Groom...

This crown of flowers works so perfectly with this palette. I had a crown of flowers on my wedding day and I love them... These are from BloomDesignStudio a place with lots of lovely blooming things.
This dress was really fun for me to find because the dress and the model look just like the bride I painted for the Tuscany wedding cake topper. So pretty. The Etsy shop called ThreadHead has a lot of Eco Friendly, beautiful creations in her repertoire and can create custom look for you.
I thought this ring looked Italian and it turned out to be made there so that's as Italian as it gets. :) It's really pretty and unique look from RiordanStudio.
The GROOM: It's amazing what you can find on Etsy... including this Mexican Wedding Shirt from OhSoBoho.. (that's just fun to say!). It's so similar to the one I painted for the wedding cake topper. What a comfortable ensemble to be married in!

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