Thursday, July 14, 2011

Color Kittens Party: Original Canvas...

Chances are you have a great artist right in your own home! My friend Circe, whose blog btw is some of the best writing you'll read, taught me to preserve the art of my children by helping them to create their own canvases. This is the perfect art activity for a Color Kittens party. (The canvas above is one my daughter painted when she was very little after we read A Magical Day with Matisse).
You can purchase so small canvases. They are not expensive. This listing below is from AshleyDestash on Etsy. 20 small canvases for $12.

I like to put the hangers in before the art work begins and IMPORTANT TIP: This activity is so much easier if you keep a hair blow dryer close. The smaller the child, the less patience they have to wait for paint to dry :) Purchase acrylic craft paint for this activity and just purchase bright pretty rainbow colors.. then whatever the child paints it will be pretty. I also keep a quick gloss sealer on hand and when I get the painting dry, I go over them quickly with a sealer. Fun tip: It's also really fun to take a photo of all the finished art work together.

Old tee shirts and some kind of mat are essential and you might even want to consider doing the painting portion in the garage or even on the lawn depending on how rambunctious your little group happens to be. I have a big canvas drop cloth that I use, but I admit to always wanting one of these oil cloth mats below. So cute. This one is from FreckledSage on Etsy. She has a bunch of fun patterns and colors.

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