Thursday, July 21, 2011

Halloween Party: The Food...

Candy Corn popcorn balls are really fun. They are a team effort, but can be made the day before and packed in cute cellophane bags as a treat or a take home favor. Other ideas are just oreo cookies, they come in chocolate w/ orange frosting for Halloween or the regular ones work too. My mom always makes the kids soup served in tiny pumpkins and I love this Black Bean & Corn Salsa a friend of mine served it with those new Tostitos Multigrain Scoops.. Wonderful!

I can't tell you how easily Halloween can turn my stomach. I don't want to look at dead finger pretzels, spaghetti brains and the whole gammet of gross. I've never been a fan of Sweeney Todd. I don't like scary or sick Halloween. But, give me a line up of tiny trick-or-treaters in princess and fireman costumes and Halloween is sweet. I also wouldn't want to make the little party goers have any worries at all... just fun. This carrot platter is just my speed from InvitingSmiles..

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