Friday, July 15, 2011

Poinsettia Christmas Wedding:

The thing about poinsettias is that they don't hold up very well in a bouquet. As you know, the leaves are fragile and if you breathe on one, they will come off. Not an attractive feature in a bridal bouquet. If you are theme obsessed like I am.. that's disappointing. Here are some ideas. You could have two bouquets made and trade them out. One for photos after the wedding... one for the reception. Or, you could (and this is my favorite idea) purchase a very nice faux poinsettia flower.. just one. You have to plan on spending around $10 for this single flower to get the one that looks really real. Then you have your florist sneak the fake in with some lovely berries, soft ferns and evergreens. Shhhhh. Don't tell and no one will know. Or, third option, you could choose another flower for bridal bouquets and bride's maids flowers.

Any extra money you have to spend on bouquets, you can save on decorating the rest of the room in plants. I don't think anything is really prettier than these. I own several of the baskets shown in this photo. I use them for decorative plants and flower year round. They look lovely and if you search a little you can find them for under $3. Image from Central Square Florist Boston

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