Thursday, July 14, 2011

Color Kittens Party: The Party Favor GIVEAWAY!!!

I felt like the perfect party favor was one of these little paint buckets they have at the craft store filled with candy, little toys and decorated with rainbow ribbons. If you would like one to inspire your Color Kittens Party Here's your chance to win one.. Post a single comment below. A Winner will be chosen Monday at Midnight EST... Good luck!

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Jennifer said...

No way! My little boy LOVES The Color Kittens, and his fourth birthday is next month! And it came to pass that I love your green as green as grass. Please pick me! :)

P.S. How many versions are there? We own the 1949 one illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen, but my mom has one that seems newer. The green island scene in that version is kind of fun, because the land is shaped like cats.

Love all your fun ideas! I visit this blog to get the creative juices flowing.