Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day Wedding: The Flowers &...

Red, white and blue wedding flowers are really easy. You can have a bouqet of red roses, better yet make them the giant red Abraham Lincoln red rose. I grow two of these in my garden and while the big bloom is gone by July, there are still enough to make a beautiful bouqet. Red zinnias would be beautiful. You may have to start them early in the year to have them by now DIY, but they would be pretty too. These red anemone's would be perfect I think. I love simple bouqets of just one flower and anyone can make them. These flowers are from

I loved the idea of these flowers from a wedding on French's Point in Maine, although I would choose a French blue bucket to contrast with the red ribbon and the flowers and having a color that is just a bit off traditional helps to make it a litte more wedding if that makes sense.

I loved the idea of this red truck which was part of a real wedding that you can see on Ruffled.