Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet Senorita Party: The Treats...

Chips & Salsa, taquitos, quesadillas, Mexican Wedding Cookies and the best recipe ever for Chicken Enchiladas... make and easy menu.

You can pick up street tacos and great salsa just at Costco. In Utah some of the local groceries carry these other fun items, but if you can't find them look up a Mexican Market. There are good ones in Logan, SLC and Ogden. If you want to work just a little harder... the cookbook Mexican Everyday has some great recipes.
These Jarritos are really, really good and made with old fashioned sugar. Mmm. The lime is my favorite. On ice in one of THESE my favorite galvanized tubs.. which you can DIY, but I've have and I didn't enjoy it. That decoupage gets pretty messing and I tear my papers.

Stopping now. I'm getting really hungry.

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